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Challenges of Personnel Motivation

The study of human motivation is one that is as old as humankind and as old as recorded history itself.  It has been said that the motivation of human beings ranks as a major delineation of human beings from the other animals. Certainly all animals seek to avoid the painful realities of the environment (the attainment of food and shelter), and to satisfy the perpetuation of the species.  These characteristics are strictly relegated to the category of basic biological drives.  Subsequent to these basic biological needs are the unique human characteristics of the ability to achieve and, through achievement, to experience psychological growth.

“What motivates people… you or me… and all the rest?”   “How do I get an employee to do what I want?”  The answer to these simple questions involves, in most instances, a highly complex system of thought, i.e.,  the psychology of motivation. It is not our purpose herein to indulge in such philosophical exercises, but to relegate our efforts to the prime areas of How to Motivate Employees… and the Practical Application/ Implementation Thereof.

Put simply, Gitman Marketing advocates a system of Participatory Management.  This is a system of management which elicits creative and practical ideas from all personnel… and rewards them for the successful application of  such.  As in all internal/external marketing efforts, this discipline of personnel rewards must be tailored for your specific business.  Therefore, you should consider programs to enhance job enrichment, employee accountability and overall personnel motivation:

  • Productivity Incentive Program
  • Participative Management System
  • Programs of Defined Compensation
  • Formalized & Objective Personnel Evaluation System
  • Programs to Create “Golden Handcuffs” for Employee Tenure